Strategy For CA FOUNDATION Exams

I got AIR 41 with exemption in every subject. Though it's not an outstanding achievement. I'm quite happy with my performance, given the time. As I prepared meticulously for only 2 months.

Though I had prepared adroitly, I was skeptical about my result. I just wished that I don't get to see FAIL. I had read plenty of answers on quora. But, this was the first time, I got the desparation of getting a PASS.

Instead of results, I firstly checked merit list. And, I can assure one thing to all the prospective aspirants, It's totally worth to invest 2-3 months of studies to get that webpage on your device.


I prepared for 2 months only. My college exams were also going on at that time(a paper even clashed). so, I gave in only 5-6 hours a day. I didn't resort to any coaching classes. Though promotional calls pester a lot :p

Material: I opted for study material only. As prescribed by seniors.

For accounts, I took up study material and solved each problem religiously. Mostly every topic was covered in 11th and 12th. Being a commercian, accounts didn't baffle me. For science students reading this, I suggest you to read study material's theory. Solve examples and then exercises. Repeat this until you gain perfection here.

Law was alien to me. So, I used to read the study material. And then make my own notes out of it. After one read of the book, i started learning my notes. I learnt by writing. Write whole chapter in summarized form is my golden suggestion. Condense the law so much that you can't forget it. For section numbers, I made a cheatcode. If you read diligently, this section is an apple pie.

English was my comfort zone. I didn't consult anything and went to exam bare handed.

Maths, LR and statistics. Practise. Practise. Practise. No other way out of this. There is no dearth of problems in study material. Read from theory and apply in MCQs. Exam doesn't constitutes rocket science questions. Don't waste time doing long questions. In statistics, preparing long questions is waste of time. Why waste so much time in regression analysis, when i can solve 10 questions in same time.

For business economics, I'll suggest note making. Read and make notes. Unlike law, there's no need to mug up. Just honest and sincere reading will go through. Same for BCK.

All said and done, the last tip comes here. DO RTPs, MTPs and QUESTION PAPERs RELIGIOUSLY. Questions come directly from here. A question in accounts and law was copy pasted with just change in digits(obviously).

All these tips will help you nail the exam. If I can, you too.

Just enjoy this celebrated journey called CA.


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