On what basis should one select a CA firm for articleship?

2nd most important decision of a CA aspirant’s life. Obviously the first most important decision was to start Chartered Accountancy. I will talk only practical things here, nothing fancy. I might sound a bit orthodox but such things are really useful.Criteria for selecting a firm for articleship is :

1.     Big 4 Craze: Why Big 4′s only. Are there no CA firms left which can give good training ? No, nothing like that. Don't get drawn by big 4′s lifestyle, there are many dark sides of that also.

2.     Exposure: What exposure you are getting in internship decides your first job. So choose carefully, if possible try find the clientele if the firm.

3.     Study time: Join a firm which can give you enough time to study for exams. Do make it clear to your CA in the beginning that you need time for studies also.

4.     Known CA : If possible then join a CA firm where you have some links. Because it is easier to manage any disputes between you and your known CA in amicable way.

5.     R&D : Must do some R&D regarding image of the firm (specially for girls.)Gather information as to the conduct of the bosses, whether they leave article on completion of the period or they generally extend the time for their own benefit.


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